Affordable Care Act / Obamacare – What You Can Do!

PowerPoint presentation from the February 1, 2017 Save the ACA event.  Presentation by Charlie Carr of the Disability Policy Consortium and Renee Marcus Hodin of Community Catalyst.

DAAHR PPT 2.1.17 – PowerPoint

DAAHR PPT 2.1.17 – PDF

DAAHR PPT 2.1.17 – Word

How YOU can help save the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid!

  • Call/email/Facebook message people you know in other states.

Tell them why the Affordable Care Act is important to you and ask them (beg them!) to make calls to their senators at .

  • Call Massachusetts’ leaders:

Thank Governor Charlie Baker for telling Congress he supports the ACA and Medicaid! Our message: “Thank you for speaking up to save our health care. We look forward to your continued efforts to keep health care for all in Massachusetts.”

Thank Senators Warren and Markey for great support of the ACA and Medicaid. Our message: “Thank you so much for taking such a leadership role in protecting health care. The disability community is very thankful for your support. We’re depending on you!”

  • Join our Facebook and Twitter Campaign!

 Take a photo of yourself holding up a sign that says one of the messages below and post to Facebook or Twitter with #BostonCIL  #Obamacare #ProtectOurCare. For Twitter: @CharlieBakerMA  @SenMarkey @SenWarren (or your Senator in another state)

  • Because of Obamacare… [fill in your own message]
  • Without Obamacare I wouldn’t be able to… [fill in your own message]
  • Because of Obamacare, MA has been able to:
    • Provide more preventative care
    • Save disabled people an average of $1,039 in drug costs a year
    • Provide autistic children with physical, occupational, and speech therapy
    • Provide disabled people in MA with home and community based services that allow people with disabilities to live independently in their homes, with dignity

On Facebook you can include this message as a caption:  If you live in ME, OH, PA, TN, IA, AZ, WV, AK, or NV please call your Senator today.  Go to

  • Contact Shaya French at 617-338-6665 if you would like to tell your health care story to legislators.

The incoming Trump administration and congressional Republicans have promised to repeal the ACA (Affordable Care Act or Obamacare), and make severe cuts to federal funding for the Medicaid program, which provides health care to low income people. This would be devastating to health care in Massachusetts and throughout the country.

  • We’re asking everyone to please contact your friends and family who live in states with Republican Senators, and ask them to get in touch with their Senators!

 Tell them how health reform has been a success in Massachusetts, and direct them to www.savemycare.orgThere you just have to enter their zip code and phone number, and the system connects you directly to your Senator’s office, and provides you with instructions and suggested talking points. You can also use the system yourself to thank Senators Warren and Markey for their support here in Massachusetts.

You can send the link out to your friends using email, or send it to them through Facebook or Twitter (or, it’s a good excuse to just call them).

 Here’s the list of states and their Republican Senators:

  1. Alabama: Richard Shelby
  2. Alaska: Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan
  3. Arizona: Jeff Flake and John McCain
  4. Arkansas: Tom Cotton and John Boozman
  5. Colorado: Cory Gardner
  6. Florida: Marco Rubio
  7. Georgia: Johnny Isakson and David Perdue
  8. Idaho: Mike Crapo and Jim Risch
  9. Indiana: Todd Young
  10. Iowa: Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst
  11. Kansas: Pat Roberts and Jerry Moran
  12. Kentucky: Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell
  13. Louisiana: Bill Cassidy and John Kennedy
  14. Maine: Susan Collins
  15. Mississippi: Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker
  16. Missouri: Roy Blunt
  17. Montana: Steve Daines
  18. Nebraska: Deb Fischer and Ben Sasse
  19. Nevada: Dean Heller
  20. North Carolina: Richard Burr and Thom Tillis
  21. North Dakota: John Hoeven
  22. Ohio: Rob Portman
  23. Oklahoma: Jim Inhofe and James Lankford
  24. Pennsylvania: Pat Toomey
  25. South Carolina: Tim Scott and Lindsey Graham
  26. South Dakota: John Thune and Mike Rounds
  27. Tennessee: Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker
  28. Texas: John Cornyn and Ted Cruz
  29. Utah: Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee
  30. West Virginia: Shelly Moore Capito
  31. Wisconsin: Ron Johnson
  32. Wyoming: Mike Enzi and John Barrasso