Housing Workshop Flyer


BCIL offers Housing Workshops for those with disabilities the first and third Wednesday of every month from 10am-12pm. The workshops take place in our office and cover affordable housing options in the Boston area, how to apply for subsidized housing, and where to look for housing. Our workshops are run by knowledgeable staff and offer you time to complete Standard Department of Housing and Community Development Applications as well as ask questions about obtaining subsidized housing.

This workshop will teach you about:
• Types of housing available in the Boston area
• Navigating subsidized and affordable housing
• Conducting a housing search
• Communicating with housing authorities, agencies, and landlords
• Completing applications for state voucher programs
• How to request reasonable accommodations for your disability

Each workshop will include a period when you are able to ask questions and consult with an advocate.

BCIL also offers Housing Search Drop-In Hours.  This workshop is the 4th Monday of each month from 2-4pm and  is designed for people who have attended BCIL’s general Housing Search Workshop, but want support in completing applications and/or organizing their housing search. While you complete applications, advocates will be available to answer questions and review your applications for accuracy.

During this workshop you can:
• complete applications you have obtained, and ask questions of an advocate (BCIL will have some applications available, but this is not guaranteed)
• learn techniques to make the application process easier
• obtain information about current open lotteries and waitlists
• call local housing authorities and management companies to request applications

This workshop is designed to provide you with the time and a place to ask questions, complete applications, and organize your housing search. Due to the high demand for housing search support, BCIL cannot meet individually with all consumers, complete applications for consumers, or mail applications for consumers.

Workshops take place at BCIL’s office located at 60 Temple Place, 5th Floor, Boston.

BCIL staff are not realtors, and we will not accompany you to apartments for viewing or complete applications for you. The resources we use for housing search are publicly available, and we expect that consumers will be using them as independently as possible once given the appropriate support, knowledge, and skills. BCIL does not offer financial support for moving expenses, rental payments, or arrearages.

BCIL staff will not complete applications for you (reasonable accommodations available upon request), but we will review applications before you submit them and help you to understand what questions mean and how to answer them. We will work with you to ensure that you understand what options are available for subsidized and affordable housing, how to apply for an option that meets your needs, steps to consider when getting ready to move, and resources available to support you through the process.

In order to be successful in the housing search process, you have to take an active role. This means checking listings, calling to get applications, completing and mailing applications, and following-up with your advocate.

(Note: If you already have a MRVP, AHVP, or Section 8 voucher, or if you are in the process of losing your home, contact BCIL to determine if these workshops are appropriate for you.)

If you’ve already attended a Housing Workshop, take the survey below to let us know how we’re doing: