Information & Referral

Our Information and Referral specialists are often a consumer’s first point of contact with BCIL, providing information on disability issues and referring consumers to the appropriate people at BCIL, or other agencies, for assistance with the concerns they may have.

FIRST TIME VISITORS to our web site should read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) as they may contain the information you are looking for, or help connect you to the right department at BCIL. Concerns that BCIL can assist with include:

  • Learning about options you may have for personal care and in-home support as you plan to leave a nursing home or hospital
  • Finding affordable and accessible housing
  • Learning about how you can acquire assistive technology and communication equipment
  • Planning your child’s education plan, particularly as he or she nears high school graduation
  • Obtaining and directing PCA services
  • Finding out about accessible transportation services
  • Obtaining and maximizing benefits
  • Setting career goals in a current or future job or finding employment
  • Addressing communication needs due to a language or communication barrier
  • Understanding your civil rights under the ADA or Fair Housing law
  • Helping people understand your disability and ways to accommodate disabilities
  • Appealing a decision from a housing, educational or medical provider or an employer
  • Increasing your access to necessary healthcare