Technology Resources

Showing Accomodation for Hidden Disabilities

BCIL Teams Up with Easter Seals High-Tech Center for Consumers

BCIL has a collaborative effort with the Easter Seals Technology Center. It is BCIL’s goal to help consumers access the best Assistive Technology available with staff trained in teaching consumers how to use this technology to enhance their independent living experience.
Easter Seals’ state-of-the-art Technology Center is on South Street, right near Boston’s South Station. BCIL and Easter Seals are working on a partnership to promote use of the center by BCIL consumers. Anyone who thinks they can benefit from the center’s services right now should contact either Easter Seals at 800-244-2756 ext. 372 or Nassira Nicola at BCIL at 617-338-6665 ext. 224 for more information or to set up an appointment.

Key technology and job training services provided by the center include:

  • Funding for assistive technology including software, hardware and training.
  • Hands-on access to specialized equipment.
  • In-home electronic aids and environmental controls for daily living.
  • Augmentative and assistive communication.
  • Assistance with work-site modification.
  • Vocational assessments.
  • Computer skills training and software application training.
  • Job support services.
  • Adaptive electronic and computer access technology.
  • Internet and email training.
  • Technology needs evaluations.

Massachusetts Assistive Technology Loan Program

BCIL, in partnership with Easter Seals, helps provide individuals with disabilities access to low-interest loans for assistive technology. Loans can be used for adaptations to the home for physical access, adaptation to a vehicle for a lift or assistive driving device, and assistive technology for your home or office computer.

For more information about the Massachusetts Assistive Technology Loan Programs, call 800-244-2756 or email Information and an application form also are available online at

Massachusetts Telephone Access Program

BCIL no longer carries the Massachusetts Telephone Access Program. Please go to the Massachusetts Equipment Distribution Program for more information and to find a distributor for the equipment distribution program near you.

Money for home modifications and access

Are you a homeowner with a disability, or a household member or tenant with a disability? If so, you may qualify for the Home Modification Loan Program. This program provides loans to make access modifications to the primary permanent residence of elders, adults with disabilities, and families with children with disabilities. Examples of modifications include ramps, widened doorways, and accessible bathrooms. Funds from $1,000 to $30,000 may be borrowed, and repayment can be delayed for eligible people until the property is sold or the title transferred. Contact the Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership at 617-425-6637, for information and to apply.