Living Marie Feltin’s Legacy During COVID-19 2020

Zary Amirhoseini Mala Rafik Shirley Simmons Darryl K. Williams

2020 BCIL Marie Feltin Award Winners: Zary Amirhosseini, Mala Rafik, Shirley Simmons, Darryl Williams (posthumous)

While we were unable to hold this year’s BCIL Marie Feltin Award Ceremony in the usual way because of the pandemic,  on October 1, 2020 we tipped our hats to this year’s award winners at a virtual event, briefly updating people on BCIL’s work as we remember Marie Feltin, and had a lively dialogue with Bob Kafka, a Vietnam veteran who proclaims disability rights from Austin, Texas.

The winners of this year’s BCIL Marie Feltin Award are:

  • Zary Amirhosseini Champion of InclusAbility in healthcare through education and accommodation
  • Mala Rafik – Believer in the hard, unglamorous work of advocacy and justice
  • Shirley Simmons and Darryl K. Williams (posthumous) – Turning hate into love: A mother’s and son’s contribution