Transition to the Community

BCIL believes that everybody – regardless of their disability or age – has the right to live where they choose, contribute to their community, and receive the services they need to stay as independent as they wish to be. That’s not always easy, though, and too often, people with disabilities end up in nursing homes, long-term rehab hospitals, and other institutional settings where they don’t want to be.

If that’s the case for you or someone in your life, BCIL can help connect you with the tools you need to return to the community, and support you through every step of the process. Our Nursing Home Transition Advocates can help you:

  • Find housing that’s affordable and accessible
  • Make your home more accessible, if you already have somewhere to move back to
  • Determine what services you need to help you stay in the community (ex. Personal Care Attendants, specialized equipment, help with budgeting, etc.)
  • Pay for items you need to move into your new home (like dishes, bedding, towels, and all the other little things that you may not have when you’re living in a facility)
  • Transition smoothly back into the community and adjust to life on the outside.

Call BCIL at 617-338-6665 to get the process started; or you can ask the social workers at your nursing home or rehab to contact us on your behalf.