One Care

One Care is a program for consumers between the ages of 21-64 and is designed to combine Mass Health and Medicare to provide health care that is coordinated, effective, and directed by the consumer.

Features of the program include:

  • A care team, including a primary-care provider, a care coordinator, specialists, and a representative from the community (called an LTSS Coordinator) who will help a consumer get the medical and non-medical services needed to achieve wellness and quality-of-life goals;
  • New and expanded services, like homemaking, peer supports, vision and dental care, and repair of wheelchairs and other equipment;
  • No more need to carry two cards, or go back and forth between two insurers to see if a service is covered!

LTSS Coordinator
Consumers can ask their insurance company (called a “One Care plan”) for a Long Term Supports and Services (LTSS) Coordinator from the Boston Center for Independent Living (BCIL). LTSS Coordinators don’t work for the One Care plan or for Mass Health – they’re employed by BCIL, and other organizations like BCIL, to work for the consumer.

LTSS Coordinators work with consumers:

  • Identify goals, and what services and supports are needed to help them be achieved;
  • Inform the care team about which long-term services and supports are available;
  • Help the care team make a Personal Care Plan that includes services that will support independent living and/or recovery;
  • Assist in connections to the services in the Personal Care Plan;
  • Help keep the lines of communication open with the OneCare plan, and service providers;
  • Be there to make sure services are working well and goals are being achieved;
  • Help in understanding and protecting your rights as a person with a disability.

The video below features an LTSS Coordinator at BCIL, and Olivia, a One Care member that shows what an LTSS Coordinator can do:

Olivia’s Story from Community Catalyst on Vimeo.

For more information on One Care: