Transition Internship Program (TIP)

The BCIL Transition Internship Program (TIP) is a great opportunity for youth with disabilities, ages 16-21, to gain their first work based employment experience. Our partner employers are looking for interns who are energetic, committed to coming to work, eager to make a positive contribution to their organization, and ready and willing to learn. In order to become a TIP intern, students must complete a competitive application process including a written application, interviewing with BCIL staff and interviewing with the employer. The TIP program hires and pays each intern and matches them with employers. Past interns have worked in an office where they scanned documents, organized files, answered phones, and copied materials; packaged meals; worked with kids at a summer camp; and fixed wheelchairs.

Who is eligible for TIP?

Through TIP, BCIL hires high school or post grad applicants with disabilities between the ages of 16-21, who have little to no job experience. Applicants must have an open case with a MRC counselor. TIP is designed to help interns complete their first work based employment experiences successfully.

First and second work based employment experience means:

  • First work based employment experience in the community. Unpaid volunteering, or earning an allowance does not typically count as employment experience, although we do ask interns to list any such experiences in the application. This will help us to get to know the intern better.
  • Applicants may not be eligible for TIP if: there has been a previous employment (paid or unpaid) in the community, in school or in a non-integrated environment (i.e. sheltered workshop, internship/job placement through school). If an applicant is concerned about whether or not their work history may disqualify them from becoming a TIP intern, please contact the Transition Internship Coordinator.

If an interested applicant is not connected with a MRC counselor, they are not currently eligible for TIP. We advise all applicants and their families to contact their local MRC office directly to make a referral for services. Please find a list of area offices here:

An applicant must either live or attend school within our service area to participate in the Boston Center for Independent Living’s Transition Internship Program. Our service area can be found at:

If an applicant lives or goes to school outside our service area, they may want to contact their local Independent Living Center for more information about services for young adults that may be available. Links to all Independent Living Centers in MA can be found here:

Who is a good candidate for TIP?

Good candidates are:

  • interested in learning new things;
  • able to follow directions and ask questions;
  • respectful of other interns, TIP staff, and those they work with on-site;
  • open to feedback from their supervisor, TIP staff, and other interns; and
  • eager to work in a competitive work environment

If you or someone you know are interested in being part of BCIL’s Transition Internship Program and we look forward to receiving an application! Good Luck! Please see your MRC counselor for a copy of the application. For more information, see the TIP FAQs 2017-2018 School Year. If you still have questions, you may contact the TIP Staff at 617.338.6665 or

A completed application packet includes:

  • A completed application written by the applicant. Please ask for assistance if needed. All application questions not listed as optional are required. Incomplete applications may be returned. Any knowingly falsified information on an application may disqualify an applicant from TIP.  Please keep a copy for your records.
  • A completed MRC information form, completed by the applicant’s MRC counselor.

2017 TIP brochure


The Boston Center for Independent Living is actively seeking sites for our 2018 Transition Internship Program! Interns are provided support and paid through BCIL and expected to take part in meaningful work at your agencies. Interns work 15-20 hours per week for 7-10 weeks and receive regular mentoring and skills training throughout the program. If you are interested in hosting an intern, please contact at 617-338-6665.