Disability Connection

The Boston Center for Independent Living participates in the cable television program “Disability Connection” – an informative program covering a wide variety of issues important to the Disability Community. The show airs every other month with BCIL on the Boston Neighborhood Network, and is rebroadcast as a normal part of the station’s program rotation.

Disclaimer: The views expressed by guests on the Disability Connection are their own and may not be the position of the Boston Center for Independent Living.

Watch Episodes:

Disability Connection

September 2017

Topic: Youth Transition Services at the Boston Center for Independent Living

Disability Connection

July 2017

Topic: Assisted suicide and the disability community.

Disability Connection

May 2017

Topic: Services provided by the Perkins Library and the Perkins School for the Blind.

Disability Connection

March 2017

Topic: Mass Collaboration members The Boston Area Rape Crisis Center and BCIL discuss their work to address sexual violence towards people with disabilities.

Disability Connection

January 2017

Topic: Blindness Services with the Massachusetts Association for the Blind & Visually Impaired.

Disability Connection

December 2016

Topic: Employment for People with Disabilities

Disability Connection

May, 2016

Topic: Personal Care Attendants Program provided through MassHealth.

Disability Connection

July, 2016

Topic: Rev Up! Register! Educate! Vote!

Disability Connection

September 2016

Topic: Accessible Housing in Boston

Silver Linings BSHC TV Program – Episode 9 – Part 1

July 2016

Topic: Bernice Osborne interviews Nassira Nicola, Director of Community Integration/Boston ADRC Coordinator at Boston Center for Independent Living